Sunday School

Sunday School classes at Winfield Baptist Church start at 9:15 AM in various locations throughout the building.

These classes are intended to deepen the believer’s love for God by helping them grow in their knowledge of Him through the study of His Word, while at the same time strengthening the bonds of community within the body of Christ.

In addition to the five classes available for adults, we offer classes for YOUTH and CHILDREN of all ages. NURSERY CARE is also provided during Sunday School.

Details about our schedule and the various Sunday School classes for adults is available below.

Fall 2019 Sunday school Classes for Adults

  • Ecclesiastes taught by Rick Krick (Meeting in the Gym) 

Explore God's wisdom in relation to our knowledge, purpose, and meaning in life through this study of Ecclesiastes.

  • Philippians taught by Dave Wagner (Meeting in the Sanctuary)

This lecture-style class will examine Paul’s letter to the Philippian church, with special emphasis on looking to Christ as an example of serving God and one another.

  • Tackling Issues of Forgiveness & Worry taught by Scott Hurst (Meeting Downstairs in Classroom #3)

This five-week class will explore the Scripture behind “Choosing Forgiveness” by Nancy Leigh DeMoss, and will be followed by an eight-week study of the Scripture behind “Worry Less, Live More,” a book on overcoming anxiety, by Robert J. Morgan.

  • Christians in the Workplace taught by Tim Faust (Meeting Downstairs in Classroom #2)

What story is your work telling?  Who is at the center?  Does the story of your work reflect what is true about God?  These are the question we will dive into over the next thirteen weeks – and so, we will begin not with your story, but with God’s story. Because in the Bible, God tells the true story of work.

  • A Study of 1 Samuel for Women taught by Jess Napp (Meeting Downstairs in Classroom #1)

The book of 1 Samuel introduces one of the most fascinating stories in all of Scripture – the reign of King David.  In this eleven-week study for women, we will trace the lives of several key characters and explore the themes of king and kingdom, which ultimately point to our divine King, Jesus Christ.