Children's Ministry

Policies and Procedures

Registration Procedures:

  • The first time a child attends a WBC Kid's Ministry program, they must complete an initial registration process with their parents.

  • During registration, a Kid's Ministry Volunteer will take note of any allergies the child may have and ask parents if there are any other adults who should be added to the list of individuals authorized to retrieve the child at check-out.

Check-in procedures:

  • At check-in, children will receive a security tag listing their name, allergies, and an alphanumeric code. Parents will be even a corresponding pick-up voucher with the same code.

  • At check-in, parents should inform the Kid's Ministry Volunteer, if another adult will be retrieving their child at check-out. This adult will be added to the list of individuals authorize to pick up that child.

  • Teachers will be given a roster listing the children who were checked into their class at the check-in desk.

  • As Children enter the classroom, teachers will confirm that each child has a security tag and is listed on the roster.

  • Nursery Volunteers will provide parents with a pager that will also serve as a pick-up voucher. The pager will vibrate if the parent is needed.

check-out procedures:

  • Parents must present their pick-up voucher to the Kid's Ministry Volunteer at the check-in station in order to retrieve the child.

  • The Kid's Ministry Volunteer at the check-in desk will check that the alphanumeric code on the child's security tag matches the one on the pick-up voucher.

  • As the child is leaving, the Kid's Ministry volunteer will remove their security, indicating the child has been released from our care.

  • If a parent loses their pick-up voucher and the Kid's Ministry volunteer at the desk cannot confirm their identity, then a staff member will need to verify the adult's identity and confirm that they are authorized to retrieve the child.

General Security

  • Kid's Ministry Volunteers and Hall Monitors will wear name tag at all times.

  • Under no circumstance may a child be left anywhere unsupervised. A parent must stay with their child until a Kid's Ministry volunteer arrives.

  • A Kid's Ministry Volunteer must never allow themselves to be left alone with a child. They need to maintain a 1:2 adult-to-child ratio. In other words, there must always be at least two adults or two children present.

  • The roster must be with the class at all times. Teachers must carry the roster to the song time and during class bathroom breaks to ensure that no child is unaccounted for.

  • Kid's Ministry volunteers should never take photographs of children at a WBC Kid's Ministry program and post them online, unless they have been authorized to do so.

What If My Child Is Sick?

Parents are asked to not bring their child to WBC's Children's Ministry if one or more of the following conditions exist: temperature of 100 degrees or higher in the last 24 hours, vomiting, diarrhea, severe coughing, colored nasal drainage, pink eye, head lice, undiagnosed rash, open skin lesions, or any infection. If a child shows signs of sickness (including, but not limited to the conditions listen above), a Kid's Ministry volunteer will contact the parents to have the child taken home.

What If My Child Has Allergies?

A snack of goldfish, animal crackers, and/or cheerios plus water or juice may be offered to children ages 1 and up. If the lesson plan includes any other snacks, an Allergy Alert will be posted at the check-in desk to inform parents. It is the responsibility of the classroom teacher to ensure that no child under their care is served anything noted on the child's security tag as an allergy.